Playing with some video and images with my new phone

I recorded the video at QHD (4k) and it appears that google+ doesn't use all the video quality.¬† youtube does. You can go into settings, and I see lots of HD settings.¬† I am pretty stoked that the phone has a QHD (4k) screen and can play the videos. I can see rain drops on […]

My wife bought me a $50 black Friday seven inch Android tablet

It charges via a barrel jack. It has USB OTG. I must connect it to an arduino. I must connect it to my RepRap! I must make a USB OTG cable. I grabbed an old USB charger and started to work with that. I broke one of the pins off. DOH! So I attacked a […]

More advanced Joomla! Performance tweaks.

I have a love/hate relationship with Joomla!. It’s an awesome tool, it just sucks. My biggest beef with it, is that it’s slow. It renders content on the fly, for every page load. This is cool, if we used some of the more interactive features, but we don’t, so it’s just wasted overhead. Joomla! has […]

Linux CP command that creates new directories as needed

I am making note of this here as I had to tweak what I had found after a fairly long Google search. This is a custom shell script function I added to my .bashrc to provide the copying of files with the ability to create new directories as needed. I needed to merge several websites […]

Bugzilla Install on CentOS under Plesk

I managed to get bugzilla installed and to work, but it was an all-day affair. It appears other people had problems as well. So I am documenting what I needed to do to make it work in the hopes that it’s useful to other people and potentially myself in the future. Environment: Plesk 10.4.4 CentOS […]