Roses in my rose garden

I get my wife roses every year for mother's day. Eventually there will be lots of roses in my yard.

I will need to practice taking better photos of them.

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This climbing rose is a few years old. It dies back every year and keeps coming back.

Not quite great, but pretty good for a cell phone photo.

I wish the morning rain popped a bit more.

The caterpillar was a surprise. I didn’t see it when I was taking the photo.

Too bad the photo isn’t sharp.

My eldest and I made some wild Violet tincture from the flowers in the back yard…

My eldest and I made some wild Violet tincture from the flowers in the back yard this weekend. It's been 4 years since we bought the house, so whatever nasty gunk the priors may be sprayed in the yard ought to be dramatically reduced at this point.

Pick the flowers in the back yard as I mow with the new (to me) electric mower. Easier to find the flowers that way.

6 weeks before we can use it. I made a small jar for me, and a larger jar for a friend, the one I get my essential oils from.

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One jar made, one jar to go. The bucket of flowers dispersed into the two jars.

My assistant. She thought it was lots of fun to make medicine from the back yard. Starting to talk about not eating things picked unless daddy is with and says it’s ok.

My assistant knocking the bubbles out of the tincture.

She likes the purple flowers.

The vodka is poured into the left, but not the right jar.

Pretty! I’ve read it will turn yellow to green in 6 weeks depending on the PH of the final product.

Spring time is here – garden time

I mowed for the first time today. The neighbor had mowed once for me already. Nice thick green grass without as many dandelions as last year.

I took stock of my yard and gardens.

The iris bed is doing really well. I set that up as a huglekulture bed and rain garden. I can’t seem to get anything else to grow in the bed though.

My roses that where doing well last fall made the winter.  I am disappointed in my climbing rose. It’s not climbing. None of the roses are getting very big. Maybe this year?

The back yard is full of violets. I just love this! One of the favorite aspects of my back yard.

I’d topped my apple tree before it budded out. I am going to grow the tree in a flat plane. This is called espalier. I’ve got 3 or 4 pairs of branches. This is going to help screen my yard from the neighbors. I may get apple’s in another year or two.

My grape made the winter too. It didn’t grow at all last year. I hope it takes off this year. I am re-working the other plants around that fence and maybe that will help.

I’ve got some garlic that is coming up. I need to figure out when its best to start to harvest some of them.

The bamboo seems to have not made the winter. Bummer.

I am starting a new raised hugleculture bed. Going to try to get a woodland type garden growing in it. Going to be a post on it when its done.

I started a bunch of tomatoes this year. Should be good. Going to put them in different spots.

Lots of ideas…

Huglekulture raised bed

Yesterday I took the day off to spend with my daughter. She'd gotten home from nearly a month in Florida visiting family. She wouldn't let me out of her sight!

So we made a raised bed using some horse manure I picked up with a friend and some firewood. I have great expectations for this bed next year. I expect it will work well enough this year.

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I dug a bit of a hole so I had some top soil to cover the wood up with in a later step. I don’t know where my cable wire goes (somewhere in this area) so I didn’t want to go too deep.

We filled the hole with logs and sticks. Leftovers from a fire building demonstration I had done last fall. The tarp has the manure in it.

It’s pretty tall at the moment. It will settle in the next couple of years as the logs decompose.

My assistant was having a blast with this build. She’s inspecting the cart we used to haul the manure tarp from the trailer.

It’s quite hard to tell little helpers that you can play with this dirt and not that dirt. The old manure was a little too green for me to allow for her to eat.

Horse manure goes down over the logs. I am hoping what’s still ‘green’ will work well with the ‘carbon’ of the logs.

Top dressed with the leaves for no other reason than I felt like it.


It's been a while since I've blogged my dinner, but that's because it's…

It's been a while since I've blogged my dinner, but that's because it's not been overly unusual.

This evening I had pulled some carrots that I had planted last spring. They where just pencils last fall, so I didn't mess with them. Look at them now!

So I wanted something carroty for dinner.

So I tried some whiskey glazed carrots. which where very good!

I also made some sort of carrot bread. It's in Danish, and Google Translate made a passable go of it for me. I kinda winged it as I know what bread is supposed to be like.

It actually turned out pretty good. Not to-die-for-great, but good.

I'd make it again. All of it!

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Fresh picked carrots that over-wintered in my garden wand where starting to come back up again.

Carrot spinach bread dough. I think… It was pretty wet and the mixer didn’t want to bring it together with the dough hook.

The carrots where awesome!

If it’s on a square plate, it’s a square meal, right? I pan-cooked a bun just to try it and because I was too impatient to wait for the oven.

Anybody know how to delete a photo once it’s in a post?

Dough balls.

Raised buns.

Cooling on the rack.

Hmm. butter. So good!