Some photos of my garden so far this year.

Some photos of my garden so far this year. In album Garden 2011 (118 photos) Adding slats to fill in gaps in the pallet.A finished palletThe tools I used to make my compost bin.Front view of the compost binTwo bays!Sticks and leaves may fill my bin… yeah, the rhyme doesn't work so well…A load of […]

Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP)

Tonight I made a sub irrigated planter. These are pots that hold water under the dirt and let the pot get watered from the bottom up. Supposedly this gives you better roots as they grow deep, towards the water as opposed to staying near the top. I built mine using recycled ‘stuff’. The pot is […]

How to make a bee hive

A friend of mine through was invited by Craftsman Tools to do a video on making a beehive. I was supposed to go and be in the live audience that day, but I was originally told it would film in the evening, and that got moved to mid-day, and I had made morning and […]

Rain Garden, Hugelkulture & Terra Petra garden mashup

Today I dug up a bit of my front yard to build a rain garden of sorts. There looks to be a drainage gully leading from the front of the house to the street. I dug a dike 1 lawn mower width from the corner of my driveway and sidewalk. Gotta make the chores as […]