Recycled pallet composter

My wife started raking leaves in the back yard today. I figured that means I ought to make the composter I’ve been talking about making for a while now. I’ve accumulated 3 regular pallets and one long ‘double’ pallet in the last year. This is also a chance to use my tools. I love my […]

DIY Homemade Hydroponics Basket Pot

I decided to try setting up a bit of hydroponics tonight. Actually, it’s aquaponics, because it’s based off of my fish tank. I am having a bit of algae problems on the 75 gallon tank. I am hoping that growing some basil out of the tank will help soak up some of the nutrients and […]

Pump setup for my automtic container Irrigation system

This last week, I was tasked with cleaning the spare bedroom. I kinda got distracted a bit by the fish tank and planter stand in it. I worked on my planter stand a bit more while cleaning the room some too. I had gathered all the parts I had into one stack. I have a […]

Flooding my new plantings.

I had planted 3 types of lettuce in this box planter this time last week. It looks like the Arugala is coming up now. Here you can see the baby arugalas better. It looks like they are growing towards the grow light I have running for that shelf. I had turned on my new irrigation […]