I few months back I bought a Galaxy Note Edge on eBay

It came with several case options which I would have never bought myself, but they are interesting. The one that I thought I wouldn't like but fell in love with is the flip-case. Granted, I was not fond of the white case, but the functionality was more than I would have expected. It just missed one feature.

Wireless Charging.

I LOVE wireless charging. Almost as much as I love the fast-charger that came with the phone.

There are hacks to get wireless charging into a flip case. But I would need to order a wireless charge back plus a new black flip case. Because I really don't like the white. If I am going to do the work of hacking something, I want it the way I want it.

So I made my own.

I still bought a wireless back – it's crazy the cheap prices on eBay for some stuff. And I spent a good chunk of money at Tandy Leather. More than if I would have gotten a 'real' case, but I got stuff that will allow me to make exactly what I want.

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The phone flip case. The hole in the flap is so I can turn the cover all the way around and take a photo. A feature that the ‘real’ flip case doesn’t sport.

The Note Edge uses a quick charger, which is AMAZING… if you have the charger with you. So I bought a 110v AC and a 12v DC charger.

You can get a wireless charging back cover for the Galaxy Note Edge, or a pretty nifty flip case. But not both features in one case. So I bought some bits and pieces from Tandy. Green leather, rivets, a belt clip, a magnet, tools, etc.

The flip case is ‘smart’ in that it talks to the phone. I have no idea what it says, but most people who are doing this mod are tearing apart both cases, and putting the wireless charging into the flip case. I don’t like the color of my white flip case that came with my eBay phone.

So I attacked my brand new wireless charging back cover with my drill press. I al less than keen with how I ended up with holes. I need to mark them before I drill. Eyeball isn’t good enough.

Lots of holes in my new case.

Holes all the way around.

The green leather is much darker looking to the eye. But this is what I am going to sew onto my phone case.

The front cover needs on the flip case needs to be stiffer. I happened to buy just what I needed when I bought my back cover. The plastic that the cover came in! Re-use all we can, right?

Stitching the leather onto the case was pretty easy. This corner proved difficult though. I ended up super-gluing the edge of the leather down to the plastic. I think the leather is stuck as much as stiffened up so it doesn’t come away from the plastic.

This is basically a cut-to-fit type build. The holes are cut after I sewed one end on.

The speaker has a lift to it so there is an air-gap between the phone and the table so you can hear the speaker. Clever!

The fake plastic leather or the real leather?

Guide lines for cutting based on tracing of the holes.

Leather glue all over the place. I am not sure if I like this type of glue.

All glued and stitched once.

Roses in my rose garden

I get my wife roses every year for mother's day. Eventually there will be lots of roses in my yard.

I will need to practice taking better photos of them.

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This climbing rose is a few years old. It dies back every year and keeps coming back.

Not quite great, but pretty good for a cell phone photo.

I wish the morning rain popped a bit more.

The caterpillar was a surprise. I didn’t see it when I was taking the photo.

Too bad the photo isn’t sharp.

Playing with some video and images with my new phone

I recorded the video at QHD (4k) and it appears that google+ doesn't use all the video quality. https://youtu.be/557jDNW4cRs youtube does. You can go into settings, and I see lots of HD settings. 

I am pretty stoked that the phone has a QHD (4k) screen and can play the videos. I can see rain drops on the trees 10 feet away sharp as can be on the screen. Tiny on the screen, but they are there!

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A google auto-awesome.

A google auto-awesome.

I was entrusted with the care and feeding of a Sinar Monorail 4×5 Large Format Field…

I was entrusted with the care and feeding of a Sinar Monorail 4×5 Large Format Field Camera and darkroom compliment. Basically, it's mine to use, not mine to sell. 

I need to remodel my basement bathroom a bit in order to seal off the light so I can use it as a dark room. I am waiting for the water heater to finish dying before I do that. It's halfway there… but that's a different story.

On to this story.

I made a film holder for my cell phone for the big camera. I think it's the first time a cell phone has been loaded into one of these cameras like a piece a

I was hoping to get the camera focus and the film focus in the exact same spot. I am close, but not quite right on my first try. Gives me something to fiddle with when I print the next iteration.

Basically I have a cell phone case with a small lens embedded in it that allows a cell phone to capture a very small portion of the 4×5 image area on the Sinar camera.

This thing is a powerful macro lens! It captures an area about the size of a quarter from 7 feet away.

I have files if you want to print your own at https://github.com/creuzerm/openscad-projects/tree/master/Sinar%204×5%20Monorail%20Large%20Format%20Camera I am probably going to make a iPhone case next for a friend to play with this camera and teach me a few things.

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I like this cropped, but otherwise un-edited photo.

The girls LOVE the camera. It’s the kind that is shown on cartoons, so of course it’s the bestest camera ever!

Cell Phone ‘film’ for the Sinar large format camera. This is a 3d printed ‘cell phone case’ that is also a film holder for the old-school Field Camera.

Over 7 feet. I am getting about 2X life size on the camera screen from 7 feet away. That’s just crazy to me!

A couple of shots of me hand-holding the cell phone with the CDROM laser lens to the camera lens through the Sinar camera at a box in the kitchen. This is a soda box at about 20 feet. Some SERIOUS ZOOMAGE going on here.

This is what the cell phone sees mounted to the back of a Sinar monorail 4×5 large format field camera. The cell phone can’t really focus on anything in particular and sees a lot of the inside of the camera.

With the CD-ROM laser lens installed, the cell phone seems to want to work ‘right’ as far as the Sinar camera is concerned. You can get some motions out of the camera and the cell phone doesn’t seem to want to loose the image.

This is looking at a computer speaker at about 4 foot away. That is a little brass screw.

You can see that the cell phone can see some of the CD-ROM lens and gives that weird circle in the lower  right of this photo. The image is actually upside down, in true field camera fashion.

I just love the texture and lens aberrations that this arrangement produces.

I modeled a 4×5 film holder in openscad and printed it to make sure I had it right. https://github.com/creuzerm/openscad-projects/tree/master/Sinar%204×5%20Monorail%20Large%20Format%20Camera

Here I am printing a 4×5 film holder cell phone case with a spot for a CDROM laser lens.

This is the CD-ROM laser lens installed into the 4×5 film holder cell phone case.

My 2 options that I’ve made for connecting a camera to a camera. I can bolt up a 35mm or a cell phone now. Next, I think I want to make a flatbed scanner adapter to pull full frame images off of the Sinar 4×5 Large Format camera.

These are the 3 options I have for loading ‘film’ into the Sinar.

I set up this quick ‘studio’ in the laBOREtory so I could take some photos of the flowers.

I've been wanting to take an old Sinar 4×5 camera on a backpacking trek

Mostly just because I can. I've been working on an ultralight backpacking setup knowing that this camera is HEAVY!

But I don't have much practice running film through it yet.

But tonight I started working on a 'digital' film holder for it. My Cell phone. CDROMs… Microscopes… various 35mm lenses where all tried.

The upside down photo of  a soda box was taken hand-held.

I think I am on to something…

If I can get the phone camera to focus sharply on the film-plane I can do both cell phone based digital and film tilt-shift photography.

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An old Sinar 4×5 camera and various bits and bobs trying to get a cell phone to work with the camera.

A grainy photo taken through the Sinar camera with my cell phone. The camera flips the image.

I may need to find a camera app that allows me to ‘flip’ the image back. Or not. Working with the camera in it’s analog mode is fun too.