Curtain rod mounts

We tried to hang a curtain rod on the living room window. The blinds made it challenging. The mounting hardware was too short to allow the curtain rod to be hung, so I needed to shim it out. I figured it was a good time to break out the new router bits a good friend […]

AtlAtl in the back yard

This last summer, I hosted a Primitive Skills Meetup in my backyard where we made AtlAtls, or spear throwers. It was a blast! I just found a video of it today, so that’s why this post is 6 months later. Untitled from Eric Michalsen on Vimeo. An AtlAtl is basically a stick that is used […]

The Feburary 2011 Blizzard

Hopefully it will prove to be ‘the’ blizzard. We just had the first blizzard in the new house. It was an experience! We stayed warm, eating freshly picked lettuce from my basement aquaponics system – can’t beat that, eh? Tuesday afternoon, I went home from work a couple of hours early. I cleared the 3 […]

Baby gate door for the baby’s room

I picked up a baby gate this morning on freecycle. It’s a weird cloth one like I’ve not seen before. The prior owners evidently used it to keep dogs where they belong so as soon as I got it home the thing got disassembled and the cloth got tossed into the washer. I took this […]

Installing a baby gate for the front entry

Today I installed the baby gate on the front entry as a half-door. This gate is an expansion gate designed to span a door way. This won’t quite work for the front entryway. The trim buggers stuff on on one end, and the whole thing can’t clamp down tight enough to hold it in place […]