I few months back I bought a Galaxy Note Edge on eBay

It came with several case options which I would have never bought myself, but they are interesting. The one that I thought I wouldn't like but fell in love with is the flip-case. Granted, I was not fond of the white case, but the functionality was more than I would have expected. It just missed […]

My little mint tin backpacking stove got picked up by Make magazine

They even made a video of the construction.  I was supposed to be backpacking on the ice age trail the day it was published, but had to cancel my trip. So while I have used it, just not out on the trail. Embedded Link http://makezine.com/projects/mint-tin-multi-fuel-backpacking-stove/ View this post on Google+

I ordered a copy of the POCKET REF 4th edition by Thomas J

Glover. The book truly is a small book. I decided that I needed to make a case for it to keep it nice as I intend to haul it around with me. A sharp knife, some scrap leather and an hour, and I have a handy little reference that should stay nice for a long […]

I gave my wife her birthday present early (I just couldn't wait to play with…

I gave my wife her birthday present early (I just couldn't wait to play with the one I got for myself too).  I got her a Qi wireless phone charger. Well, several, actually. Phones and tablets got the receivers, and there are a couple of spots that the phone routinely gets set down, so each […]