New Sewing Machine

Well, it’s been a while since I have had time to post much of anything.
Walmart was selling a Brother LS-30 sewing machine on black Friday for $54. The Wallmart near me still have a few on Sunday so I picked one up. It isn’t the heavy duty walking foot machine I want, but it will suffice for the time being.

I have been making and fixing a few things just to get used to the machine. It’s been a while since I used a sewing machine back in highschool.

I have made a couple of stuff sacks, and fixed my tent. I have been playing with some heavier materials, threads and needles to practice for making the skin for my Kayak!

I was hoping to have the kayak done by the end of this year, but I don’t think I am going to finish it today. I think I am going to set a date for completion for the kayak of March 20 – the next equinox.

Working on the Kayak again.

Well, I finally got to working on the kayak again. It has been a long time away from my pet project. It has been sitting, all folded up, at the foot of my bed. It took me a while to realize that I have misplaced all my old notes, so I had to pull up the plans on my computer. As you can see, the cat’s decided that they are going to help. Here Sister is curled up in the jigsaw case. Is that comfortable Sister?

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to cut this fancy shaped hinge piece. I ended up cutting all the curves and so on with it still on the stock, and then cutting it off and cleaning it up with a file and a dremel tool.

This is the end piece of the cockpit end assembly. I had a hard time trying to figure out from the drawings what to do here. I ended up just making a piece, seeing it was wrong, and re-making it correctly. The bottom piece is wrong, the top piece is correct. Note 2 things, one, that there is an eight inch slot between the flat and bent ends for the cockpit sides and also that the bend starts at 7/8s of an inch, and not at the full 1 inch that I had cut.

Like I said, the cats had decided that they where going to help!

Lakeland Florida

Or, I found out why rent is so cheap

Or, I now have a reason to build that folding Kayak

I am being really bad about keeping up to date with my blog. Too busy with the move and so forth.
 Not this friday but the one prior, 9 days ago now, it rained. Now, when I say it rained, that isn’t an adiquite description. Imagine a swimming pool with a lot of bubbles in it. That is what it seemed like outside. It rained THAT hard. More water then air. With my place of residence being in a hole, it gets wet. Really wet. The water was half an inch over the threshhold for the front door. You can see that in this photo. I had the door open (it didn’t matter, it was coming in anyway) with the towels set to slow it down. I was mopping it out with another towel and sweeping it out with a broom. It also came into the bedroom and along the wall in the living room.

 There is a channel cut in the yard to try to direct the water away, it was just overwelmed with how hard it rained.

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Packing up…

 I won’t be working on my boat for a few weeks. I am going to haul the pieces up to my new place this weekend when I pick up my keys for my new apartment. I am hoping that I can move in 2 weekends, but I am prepared to take 3 weekends to do it. The fish tanks and computer are the last to go up. Home is where the Hard Drive is…

 I bound up all the loose pieces together that are too long to fit into the truck. I then wrapped the ends in plastic so a loose board or aluminum peice doesn’t work itself loose. I will rope and bungie this bundle to the roof rack on the truck. It ought stay.

 When I walked to Target to get the string and bungies, I wandered through the frozen food section and saw Pizza. YUM! Where I am staying was having a party tonight, so I felt awkward using the microwave, so I broke out my little camp oven. I preheated it up to nearly 400 degrees, but it could only cook the pizza and bread at 300 degrees.

 YUM. It is good as I am writing this. The Pizza got a little bit toasty on the bottom, being so close to the heat.

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A month already?

I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to work on my boat in a month already! With the new job, and the commute, and the getting ready to move, I just haven’t made time to work on it. Last weekend, I did pick up a new piece of aluminum stock to replace a piece that I incorrectly bent for the coaming. I have been working until after 6 and 7 so I haven’t been getting home until dark some nights.

I have been thinking about how I am going to move my stuff that has been in storage in Wisconsin for approaching 3 years now down to Florida now that I have a vehicle that can actually carry stuff. I was thinking about buying/building a flatbed trailer, and then using some of the ideas and techniques from the PakYak to make a collapsing box so I can have a covered trailer. I also have some ideas on how to make the trailer itself fold up so it is easier to store. I have to think through the safety implications of a folding trailer, but I think it is doable in a safe manner.