I stood up at a wedding last weekend with my oldest daughter as the flower girl.

I stood up at a wedding last weekend with my oldest daughter as the flower girl.
I didn't take many photos, but here are a few of what I took.

In album Reed Wedding

The flower girl…

Bella getting her hair done up the night before so she will be the prettiest flower girl in the morning.

Hamming it up for the camera.

I think he needed to keep the flowers for the wedding…

A groomsmen and the groom decorating the gazebo.

Flower boy? Not sure if the flower petals improve the photo or not.

White shoes, the only bare patch of dirt for a quarter mile… of course she is going to walk through it!

Flower girl and ring bearer.

Really… it’s wrong. What’s wrong with the water?

May I interest you in a glass of water?

Happy bride…


The bride

Tuckered out baby. Nap time!

Toss the Bouquet

AtlAtl in the back yard

This last summer, I hosted a Primitive Skills Meetup in my backyard where we made AtlAtls, or spear throwers. It was a blast! I just found a video of it today, so that’s why this post is 6 months later.

Untitled from Eric Michalsen on Vimeo.

An AtlAtl is basically a stick that is used to throw a spear or dart. Now, my back yard isn’t really big enough for such activities, and we did bounce a few off my garage siding and through the open door. All in all, it was a blast!

Alan, I STILL have your water bottle – next time I see you, I shall return it to you.

Elgin Technology Center Tour

Today I went on a tour of the Elgin Technology Center with some of the people from Fox Valley Computing Professionals.

One of the guys I went with took some video. I thought it was funny that he makes it look so… I don’t know what the word is.

elgin techology center from Eric Michalsen on Vimeo.

It’s an interesting enough project that I felt that they needed a bit of blog press about  it, even though I am not really saying anything at all about it. I just really enjoyed hanging out with fellow computer geeks and doing some brainstorming. Always fun!


I went camping this weekend with some college buddies. We had a blast!


The weather was good. A bit stormy driving up, and it rained pretty good the last night. One of the tents packed up that last night and cut out early. They always leave first thing the last day anyhow I am told, and this way they didn’t have to pack a wet tent.


Everyone’s favorite camping companion.


CVS came over to my place on Thursday night, and he made up some of his Famous Doners. We froze them down in my deep-freeze so they wouldn’t spoil in a cooler. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the bread hook does wonders with 6lbs of ground Turkey.


The finished Doners. We baked them off in my camp oven. They sure did turn out delicious! Thanks CVS!

Going camping again for the first time in about 5 years really got my camping juices flowing again. Now I need to start taking Bella.