Paiute Deadfall Trap with a plastic tote and my cat

I’ve been going to Primitive Skills Meetups for about a year now. I have a blast there, as it allows me to get away from the city for a while. I’ve learned how to make my own mead, make spoons with fire, forage for wild foods. All kinds of stuff.

This month, we are going to be doing a session on traps and snares. I am a presenter!

Like I said, I love this group!

I am going to be showing a few styles of traps and snares that I have either fiddled with, thought would be useful, or want to learn. Another presenter is going to do the traditional Figure 4 Deadfall, so I will demonstrate an alternate – an Asian Inverted Figure 4 dead-fall. I think this alternate is much easier to set and also easier to carve. I will also show a squirrel snare set, penny locks for traditional snares, and also a paiute deadfall.

So anyway, I needed to dust off some of my trap setting skills. The last time I had set any traps, it was to my (now) Father-in-Law’s amusement as I was catching my kittens at the time. He hadn’t seen anything like it and was having a blast watching me. It was a while ago. I was using a figure-4 made from some scrap wood from when I made my bedframe and a plastic tote.

I took an evening off from cleaning and packing and moving, and this time, I am trying the paiute dead fall using more of the same scrap wood from my bed frame that I’ve kept for 3 years now and moved from Florida to Illinois. (I am such a pack-rat – hence all the cleaning & packing & moving)

Brother (my cat) is such a good sport. He quickly wised up to the fact that indulging on his beloved kitty treats made a big blue tote try to fall over him. I never did get an unassisted clean capture of my feline friend, but, the above video has a few humorous spots anyhow.

Poor Brother!

Cat Food Tray

My cat, Brother, has a habit that drives my wife crazy. He scoops the food out of his feeder, onto the floor and eats it off the floor. Well, some of it.


 So I made a cat food tray to put the feeder on top of. It will catch the food and allow us to pour it back into the feeder.

 Not to bad for not taking any measurements. It’s a tad long, but not too bad.

 And he likes it. It’s gonna frustrate him to no end, but he will eat off of it.

Video of my Tiger Oscars

I took a quick video of the Tiger Oscars shortly after I had fed them. The camera has a bit of trouble with focusing.

Brother wanted a bit of attention too.

Here is a photo of the Jack Dempsey. I put more decoration in her tank. I was cleaning up my boxes of fish stuff, and dropped all the fake plants I could find into the tank. I also added more rock from one of my other tanks. It looks much better now.
Jack Dempsey fish I think she looks happier, don’t you?

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