2nd layout of the Mobile Science Lab

I added more items to the Mobile Science Lab.  The main new item is a WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter. This is a pretty neat bluetooth device that captures wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

layout of pieces for the Mobile Science Lab
The Mobile Science Lab in the middle with the new WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter to the left along with a USB drive that works with cell phones. The new layout is on the right.

New stuff means I needed to update the case.  I fiddled a bit to get everything to fit.  I think the next iteration will end up including layers.  I will need to find some laser safe foam core or something light like that.  The cardboard won’t hold up all that well when there are removable sections.

trying to make cell phone accessories fit into a cell phone drybox
An initial cut of the new layout on some old cardboard that is scarred up from the laser cutter. I think it looks pretty neat this way.

I ordered a much larger Pelican case tonight. The SCiO I am ordering at the end of the week should fit into the new case.

I’ve also added some NFC stickers a few places to make using the bits a little easier. The case has my contact info embedded in it.  The WEATHERmeter is now set up to just tap the phone against it and the correct App will load.

cell phone accessories in a waterproof cell phone case.
The new layout is a lot more full than the previous version. You can see one of the NFC stickers on the lower left corner.

I love having a 3D printer in the house

A new hobby is botany. So I made up a leather tool roll and bought some tools. A self closing tweezers is on the list, but I would need to order one. I thought I could print a decent one.

I was right.

Nothing available to download on the thing sites yet, so I designed something in OpenScad. It took 2 ten minute prints to get it right. Cost is a quarter each set.

The two halves are "rivited" together with a bit of plastic filament.

I love the future.

In album 6/28/15

My botany books and my botany tool roll. And the kids playing in the yard while I work up this catnip plant ( I got for mosquito repellant for the kids ) in both the books.

I designed and 3D printed this self closing tweezers to hold plants so I can look at them with the loupe.

It was a bit difficult reading through the books with the kids interrupting me with new plants to look up about every 90 seconds. Luckily I know a good portion of what’s in the yard so I could quickly send them off, looking for more.

The tweezers are the expensive bit – from the eyebrow-plucking section in Walmart. The Loupe and ‘microscope’ loupe are out of China on Ebay. Cost less than one of the eyebrow tweezers. Crazyness.

My 3d printed self closing tweezers are the most awesome, of course, but that is just me thinking highly of them.

Breakfast is served.

I think these daylily photos I took this morning are technically better than the roses I took yesterday. Sharper. It's funny how much steadier you hold the camera when you don't have to pee.

I much on the unopened flowers.

I wonder if the girls would eat them if they picked them? Going to try it.

In album 6/18/15

Even though I tried not to, the flower ended up nearly in the center.

I think I was trying to compensate for the flower facing right and leaving room in the frame for this.

You spot the spider web? Feeble web.

Just a tad bit more flower. Not liking that they just touch the edge of the frame.

Not sure the composition is right on this one. Maybe step back and leave lots of green above and to the right?

I think this is my favorite of the set. Wishing it wasn’t a street and sidewalk in the background though.

The whole flower, but it’s just a flower picture. Uninspired.

Roses in my rose garden

I get my wife roses every year for mother's day. Eventually there will be lots of roses in my yard.

I will need to practice taking better photos of them.

In album 6/17/15

This climbing rose is a few years old. It dies back every year and keeps coming back.

Not quite great, but pretty good for a cell phone photo.

I wish the morning rain popped a bit more.

The caterpillar was a surprise. I didn’t see it when I was taking the photo.

Too bad the photo isn’t sharp.