Having a bit of fun at work

My new phone has a pen. I added stick figures to try to add a bit of character to the photo. My drawing skills aren't great, but I think I pulled it off.


My littlest girl just cut her first tooth

So much happier now than a few days ago.

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The many faces of daddy putting a blanket on my head.

I got the faintest of smiles out of her.

Playing with some video and images with my new phone

I recorded the video at QHD (4k) and it appears that google+ doesn't use all the video quality. https://youtu.be/557jDNW4cRs youtube does. You can go into settings, and I see lots of HD settings. 

I am pretty stoked that the phone has a QHD (4k) screen and can play the videos. I can see rain drops on the trees 10 feet away sharp as can be on the screen. Tiny on the screen, but they are there!

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A google auto-awesome.

A google auto-awesome.