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  1. Hi,
    I have been looking into making custom cookie cutters for myself, and then potentially to sell. I am starting to think that a 3D printer to do it myself might be the way to go. Am I crazy? I know how to work Photoshop, Fireworks, etc, but have absolutely no experience in 3D graphics.

    What would you say the learning curve is like for someone somewhat technical but not experienced in this area? Is food grade plastic tremendously expensive? How much time did it take for you to make the Mickey Mouse cutter? It looks great! Do you have any resources to point me toward?

    I know I am a stranger out of nowhere (I found you from searching ‘3d printer food safe plastic’), and I truly hope you don’t mind my intrusion. I’m having the hardest time finding enough information on this to get a clear picture of the pros and cons and how best to proceed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cardboard digital camera to trade you for your time 🙂 I will fully understand if you ignore me!


  2. hi mike, i was reading through your posts on d8 and neuralmesh and wonder if you could help me out a little. how do you train it with strings when it needs binary representations? do you have to train it as indiv words or can you feed it an entire string for something like the body? i’m not quite seeing the final connection between d8 and neuralmesh. thank you for your help!

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