The aquarium holds your fish and the water for the hydroponics systems. Being that you are here, on, it can be assumed that this is an ornamental fish tank in your home, office, or classroom. This means, it’s got to look good.

What fish tank can you use? Just about any one, really. Different tanks are more conducive to different hydroponics techniques. The only real requirement, is that the aquariums be fresh water (well, unless you’re really into challenges).

Have you seen a glass vase filed with water, a Siamese Fighting Fish (beta splendins) and a Peace Lily? That’s Aquaponics! Very small tanks like this won’t support lots of plants an Ebb & Flow hydroponics system, but may work great for a single plant Static Solution Culture or plants that can tolerate ‘wet feet’.

A massive 100 gallon plus aquarium with a sump filter could support several types of hydroponics systems at once, including Ebb and Flow systems.

The best tank to use, is the one you have right now!

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