There are a great many plants to choose from in Aquaponics. Much of the literature and Internet resources available focus on edible plants, as Aquaponics is typically an agricultural endeavor. However, Aquaponics works well with many traditional houseplants as well. The best part of growing using Aquaponics is that you never need to worry about watering your plants again!

Garden Plants
A great many garden plants can be grown indoors using Aquaponics. There is little that is more rewarding that eating a freshly picked garden salad in the middle of a blizzard!

A aquaponics favorite to grow is loose leaf lettuce. Not only can they be colorful and interesting looking, they grow quickly and like the typical house weather when provided with adequate lighting. By harvesting just a couple of leaves per plant at a time, you can enjoy a fresh salad regularly.

Kitchen Herbs
It can be very convenient to fresh kitchen herbs right in your kitchen. By growing plants that you find you frequently purchase in the produce department, you can save a lot of money.

Many houseplants grow very well in Aquaponics. They can be the perfect compliment to an ornamental aquarium – especially if you use pet store fish food and don’t want to eat the plants grown with it.

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