I tried using my laser engraver to strip paint and mark the metal.

The paint stripping worked remarkably well. I also tried using some dry moly lube as an engraving agent. This also works well. The laser can't touch metal, the metal acts like a mirror unless much more powerful than I have.  In album 1/22/17 Using the laser to strip paint. One pass doesn’t do a […]

I wrote a bit of OpenScad to laser cut a leather pen case

https://github.com/creuzerm/openscad-projects/tree/master/laserable/Pen%20Case I cut it and am looking at it and while it looks good, I think it is flawed. The little round holes for stitching are easy to tell a robot to make. However, I am thinking that they actually overly weaken the seam. I didn't look for the wisdom in the old fashioned hand […]

Years ago I had dubbed my rubber mallet "sudo !!"

I've acquired more hammers since, and very recently a laser cutter. So I've engraved "sudo !!" on my newer rubber mallet that my kids gave me. I also named a small machinist hammer "Subtle Persuasion". Totally loving the ability to permanently label my stuff with such ease that I don't have time to consider if […]