It looks like I have the G+ API side of things working, now to get the wordpress…

It looks like I have the G+ API side of things working, now to get the wordpress side of things working to make the G+->wordpress bridge like how I have with Twitter. Maybe this weekend?

I've notices my blog has been neglected as I have been doing the mini-blogging here on G+.

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1000 posts!

A big milestone, that’s for sure, 1000 posts. Granted, this is cheating a little, as it’s counting the twitter summaries as posts, but still…. 1000 posts! I only have 6 ‘drafts’ that are partially completed, so this post could have come a bit sooner.

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now.
I still have that same computer from way back when (it’s now sitting on top of the fridge in the kitchen – best place ever for a computer). Google Pack has recently been sunsetted. I still use Picasa, but how I get photos into it is totally different, between an eye-fi card and my android phones syncing to it automatically.

I am no longer using blogger, but wordpress now. I’ve written my own wordpress plugin.

With so much changing, so much is still the same. I am still making my own aquarium gear – granted with a bit more to it now with the aquaponics aspect.

1000 posts! Crazy!

What would you want to see me blog about more? Less?.

Blogging from my cell phone. Gas pumps. What causes them to slow down to a stop when it gets cold out. I was at a station and had to leave.