Did an overnight trial of my hammock in the back yard

It is a 1-tree hang using a shovel for the other side. I had to tie the shovel off to the deck on the far side of the yard to get it to work. 

Got down to 52 degrees overnight, just above the dew point. I had 2 wool blankets. Rolled up in one and had the other on top. I got chilly.

I am loving the new amsteel rope. The tent pegs I have aren't big or heavy enough to stake a shovel out.

For the next night in the hammock, I am going to break out my bubblewrap & space blanket underquilt. I've done a 6 degree night with that and a few blankets this last winter. Need to figure out what's working and what's not working so I know what's worth stuffing into a bag.

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My hammock in the back yard, don’t pay attention to the mess. The potted Citronella is VERY important – I moved it there to help keep the bugs down.

Using a shovel as a hammock stand. It worked alright once I tied the handle to the deck (red rope). The orange on the ground is an extension cord for my phone charger.

daisy-chained the stakes hoping they would hold the shovel. They did not.

I am now a big fan of a larks head knot and a toggle.

The clove hitch kept wanting to slip, so I had to add a soft shackle to keep things in place

The ability to easily adjust the tension on a tie-out is awesome. Hey, look, a larks head and a toggle. So slick!

The clip makes it easy to hang and adjust the tarp.

The hammock hangs quickly too

I am using a rake to hold the tarp on the shovel side. Use what works, right?

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  1. cold from below gets me … i use a 3' X 6' piece of bubble wrap underneath, to cut wind/chill + insulate, works great …

    and lol, we might just see pictures of you hooked up in the wilderness … WITH the shovel 😉

  2. I've got a trimmed up blue foam pad that's on my list of things to try. I keep rolling off of it when on the ground. I am afraid that I may roll it out from under me when in the hammock.

    I've got my baseline from last night. We shall see what my other options provide for comfort.

  3. I tried +Jeff Bond and +Greg Brouelette suggestions and pulled out both my bubble wrap and my foam pad and tried them last night. The bubble wrap doesn't conform to my hammock right, and I rolled the pad out from underneath me.

    But, I was warm all night. Got down to 55. Rolled up in a wool blanket, one over the top, plus the insulation underneath me made for some good sleeping.

    I think I am going to have better luck coercing that bubble wrap to hang better than I am sleeping still so the pad won't slide out of the hammock. Something to try tonight.

    Oh, I added half a dozen photos to this album as well.

  4. Another night, another change.
    Stayed warm, 64 was the low. I'd not used the 2nd blanket this time and still woke up sweating in the middle of the night. Rolled the pad out from under me again.

    I wish I could make the pad work, as it feels warm to me and I could use it for ground sleeping if needed.

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