I think I just had an invention idea for an internet of things Oven

Stick a borescope or two into an oven so we can watch what's cooking. Cell phone to monitor the image, you can tell if the item is done without opening the oven door from another room when the timer goes off.

Add a vent to the outside, and you can trigger a speed-cooling cycle by venting the oven heat out of the house. Now we can 'turn off' the oven from the other room and not need to remove the item cooking from the oven immediately without risk of burning the food.

Add computer vision and now you can set a timer for the browning of the item. If you want it golden brown, you can time for that. A little extra smarts, if you are in the kitchen, it triggers at the shade, if you are further away, it can trigger a shade lighter.

Perfect pizza, bread, and muffins every time!


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  1. Should work.  I'd be a little worried about speed cooling the oven itself (thermal shock), and you'd still be dealing with conductive and radiation heat from the oven until it's cooled.  The biggest problem would be the computer vision, simply because lighting would be critical in this application and high temp lights are not known for their color rendition or stability.  It looks like commercial ovens do the speed cooling thing, but they need a water source (possibly to avoid the venting requirements?)


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