These are the 2 CO2 bottles that I use for injecting the gas into my planted fishtank. They contain water, about a half cup of sugar, and bread yeast. I have to so I can alternate which one I change every weekend and get a more even flow of carbon dioxide into the tank. I have the little orange bread tag to tell me what one I changed last. Each bottle is good for about 2 weeks, but they peter out nearer the end, so it works out well to have both of them going. I used the juice bottles because I read somewhere that people have had their pumps suck the sugar water right out of soda bottles, collapsing the thinner plastic. Posted by Picasa


I was sorting through my photos as I copied them off the old webserver that I have been using as a desktop computer for the last few months and came across this photo from my flight back to Florida after Christmas.

I have about 120 photos of the sunset with this airplane wing. I wasn’t about to ask the pilot to stop and take the wing off so I can get a better shot of the sunset (I figured I had a better chance of that then trying a different seat). This particular shot really caught my eye. I liked the rich colors and the shape of the wing. We where flying above the clouds, so they looked like waves on the ocean or something like that. Posted by Picasa

Blogging, just a fad?

I have 7 or 8 domain names, free hosting with several different webhosts, and I can write my own blogging software in PHP, Do you THINK I have a blog yet.

Google has a new tool Google Pack. They seem to make things so dang easy, that I was just compelled to give it a try.

I have been using Gmail for a while now, over a year! My first message was sent 11/10/04.

I have been using google talk (well, not the cleint, just the jabber server) for a few months now.

I bought myself a new computer for my birthday, and decided to take the plunge.

Google Pack Here I come.
Gmail, Google Talk, Picassa, Blogger, Hello, the whole nine yards.

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