Gone Fishing again!

Red SnapperEric and a Red Snapper he caught. This is one of the fish you eat at the fancy resturaunts.

removing the fish hookStandard procedure appears to be to not touch many of the fish as they are either poisonous or they have VERY sharp fins and will cut you up pretty badly. We have no idea what kind of fish this is, so it gets the towel treatment to get unhooked.

Eric and his catchThis one was deamed to be not-dangerious, so Eric held it for the photo.

Little FishI don’t know what kind of fish this is, but it is pretty solid for it’s size. A gal yesterday scaled one to bring home. She said it was tastey. I think a mess of these filleted out and fried up might be good. One of these days I guess.

The big one!

Eric fighting with the big oneEric caught the big one today. Here you see him fighting the fish, crossing everybody’s lines because the fish decided to go straight out to sea.

Fishing line snagged in the peirThe fish ran him right down into the pillars of the peir. When I saw the fish roll and make it’s run to the ocean, the flash was larger then the size of those pillars. He eventually ended up snapping the line because the fish had wrapped around or snaged the barnicles on the peir.

Deerfield Beach PeirEric was sitting in the yellow chair here when he hooked the fish, and ended up all the way down at the corner of the peir.

baracudaHere is a baracuda that one of the guys caught a little while before we left. 


Begining of a funnel cloud and waterspoutWe figured out why the fish started biting all of a sudden. This nasty looking storm cloud came flying in off the Atlantic. As you can see, there was a surprise in it. The guy is pointing out the beginings of a funnel cloud.

The waterspout is on the water in the lower left corner of the photo. The lighter color part of the funnel is what was moving really fast. The darker part around it wasn’t spining near as fast. The spout went either right over, or very nearly went over a small boat out on the water.

When the waterspout made it to land, and became a tornado, it went between the white buildings. It’s amazing how far it meanders around coming out of the sky.

Then it started to pour. This is a shot down the length of the peir.

Out Fishing

Ok, so I have not posted an update lately, I have been busy. Work and whatnot. Anyway, Eric, a guy from work and I went fishing today. We went to Deerfield Beach. We caught a few fish, nothing of any size, but we had fun, and that is all that counts.
Me and my fish.The process for catching fish in the ocean, is you catch a small fish, put it on a hook, and use it to catch a bigger fish. Repeat. We caught several of these fish, whatever they are. I think this is probably the smallest one out of this kind for the day.

Eric and his big oneEric was fishing for bigger fish, so we kept having to catch these little ones to feed to the big ones. We never did catch one using the live bait.

PelicanA pelican was sitting atop of the little shelter out on the end of the peir for most of the day. As we where leaving this one came up and sat on the rail as if laughing at us for quiting early.

The beach wasnDeerfield Beach was having some sort of festival or concert a few blocks from the beach today. The beach wasn’t all that busy. Posted by Picasa

I finally got all the Powell Wedding photos developed.

Well, here it is. The last of the Powell Photos. Two weeks, eleven rolls of film, 6 trips to Target, and a lot of patience on your behalf. I hope it was worth the wait.

I have a decided that I am going to have a contest. “Correct Creuzer’s Corny Captions”. The winner for each photo gets to see their caption on this website! The contest is open to anybody who leaves their submission as a comment to the blog. Good luck!

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I still can I still can’t get over that hat! Posted by Picasa