Walmart checkout lines

The lines at Walmart are getting so bad that they decided to put in TVs to keep the waiting customers occupied.

This is a obvious ackowlegement on Walmart’s behalf that they knowingly have a wait in the checkout line.

Lets not staff a few more checkout lines, lets entertain them while they wait. Feed them commercials, they will come back.

Two different stores, both with TVs installed at the checkouts.
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Blogging from my cell phone. Gas pumps. What causes them to slow down to a stop when it gets cold out. I was at a station and had to leave.

Playstation 3

See these peeps. They are all waiting in line for a Playstation 3. I stopped in yesterday for a few minutes over lunch yesterday with Chris from work.

I was watching Chris play the basketball game. I wasn’t really all that impressed. Don’t get me wrong, the way the fans where handled is the best I have seen, but their feet would slip 3 inches to the left when the got the ball. They can catch a ball with the back of their hands, and Chris can’t play worth a hoot.

A guy walked up and asked if we where going to buy one. Uhm, No. He said he has been waiting in line for 3 days.

3 days. Say what? Between the price and taking 3 days off of work, that would be more the 2 weeks pay! I don’t think so! Posted by Picasa

Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler Recipe

This month’s Cooking Club theme was “When I think of Fall I think of _____”.

Apples silly!

Have you ever tried to make an apple pie in a crock pot? Neither have I. The task seems a little daunting. I settled on a cobbler.

Hmm… Apple Cobbler.

Simple enough, right?

non-stick cooking spray
4 medium tart apples
1/2 cup sugar
1 lemon, grated rind and juice of
1 dash cinnamon
5 tablespoons butter
3/4 cup natural cereal with nuts and fruits
Grease side of 3 1/2 quart Crock-Pot lightly with non-stick cooking spray.
Core, peel and slice apples; place in crockpot. Add sugar, lemon rind, lemon juice and cinnamon. Combine butter and cereal. Add to crockpot; mix thoroughly. Cover. Cook on Low for 6 to 8 hours or High for 2 to 3 hours. Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping, if desired.
This recipe for Apple Cobbler serves/makes 4
Heh. Yeah, right. Serves 4? I need to serve 12. But I don’t really because there are going to be 2 other desserts there as well. So I need enough to give everyone a good taste.

Off to the store I went….

Apples, hrmm, no apples like what I have in the yard back home. Next best thing? Hey, Granny Smith’s are on sale in a package. 6 to a package. 2 packages would be too many. 1.5x the recipe it is!

Get the rest of the stuff and start peeling apples. After peeling some apples, I peel more apples. And after seemingly more apple peeling, I remember why I wash potatoes, and cube them up without peeling them!

Everything in, I make the cobbler stuff, and put a little extra on the top.

Hours later it is really really good. Maybe just a tad too much lemon, but I was really annoyed with all that apple peeling, and squeezed the daylights out of that lemon!

My Recipe ended up being.

6 Granny Smith Apples
1 cup Splenda
1 lemon, grated rind and squeezed to death
1 dash of cinnamon, with a sprinkle on top to add color
1 stick butter
maybe 2 cups of cereal after I was said and done. I sprinkled some on top for color

I cooked it on High for an hour or so, then on low for a good long time. When I got there, I took the cover off and did it on low while we where eating, hoping to dry the top off a little. Posted by Picasa

Turkey Sausage & Tortellini Soup

Katie was over this weekend and she helped me make a crock of soup for going over to some friends on Sunday at 4pm.

She found a Turkey Sausage & Tortellini soup recipe that sounded really good.

Here is how the recipe from the book goes.
6 oz, cooked smoked turkey sausage, halved lengthwise and cut into 1/2 inch slices
2 cups packaged shredded cabbage with carrot (coleslaw mix)
1 cup loose-pack frozen cut green beans or Italian-style green beans
2 14.5 oz cans Italian-style stewed tomatoes
1 10.5 oz can condensed French Onion Soup
3 cups water
1 9oz package refrigerated cheese filled tortellini
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Put everything except tortellini and cheese into crockpot and cook on low for 8-10 hours or high for 4-5 hours.
Add Tortellini, cover and cook for 15 minutes on high.

Well, this is all good and such, but I had to feed a dozen people. Granted, this was a side dish, but they are big eaters.
Also, what am I going to do with the leftover ingredients?

Anyway, this is how I made it.

2 packages of cooked smoked turkey sausage, halved lengthwise and cut up into whatever sized pieces fell off the knife. Meat GOOD!
1 bag shredded cabbage with carrot (coleslaw mix)
1 little box frozen cut green beans
3 cans Italian-style stewed tomatoes
2 packages dried onion soup
1 large container of low-sodium Chicken Broth
1 14.something oz package refrigerated 4 cheese tortellini

2 packages dried tortellini

Instructions, rush to store that closes at 11pm at 10:40, grab things off shelf, find dried tortellini, then fresh, don’t put dried back because store is closing.
Decide to keep dried tortellini for a later date and put away in cardboard box that serves as pantry (Hey, I bet you wish YOUR pantry said AMD Athlon 64 & 1GB of RAM on the side!).

Put everything sans packaging into crockpot, and cover with water at around 2am. (Yeah, that includes the nice, fresh tortellini – promptly get told by girlfriend that the tortellini was NOT to go in with everything else)
Cook on low until 3:30 pm.
Verify that tortellini has turned to mush, and is basically a thickener at this point.
Arrive at friends 15 minutes late bearing 1 crockpot of soup, 1 small package of Parmesan cheese, and 2 packages of dried tortellini recovered from pantry.
Add tortellini. Wait 20 minutes, half an hour. Quietly get bowl, and server very large helping to myself. Get out of doorway as stampede runs to crockpot, then to kitchen for bowls, then back to crockpot. Do not take pictures as empty crockpot isn’t very photogenic.

Several people said it was really good. I currently have no reason to believe they lie to me with any great regularity.

I liked it, I guess that is all that matters, right?