DIY Bell Siphon for Ebb and Flow Aquaponics with 75 gallon Aquarium

I had a rough week this last week, so I decided I needed to build something. So I built a bell siphon for an ebb and flow grow bed (also called Flood and Drain grow bed_ for the 75 gallon fish tank in the living room. This will allow me to grow plants using the […]

Isabella Grace Creuzer

Isabella Grace Creuzer was born on April 20th 2010 at 2:22 a.m. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz. and was 21 and one half inches long/tall. Her mother was in labor for a little over 6 hours with no pain medications at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL.

Cooking Club & Seseme Chicken

Last weekend Katie and I hosted our first Cooking Club get together. Only one other couple was able to make it – short notice and we didn’t ask what was a good time for the other people. The theme for the night was Chinese. Katie made her family famous Chicken Fried Rice and Beef Egg […]

Computer Coffee Table

Katie ordered Netflix the end of last week. She was missing TV and we agreed not to get cable until this fall when it got cold out. Netflix is to tide the poor thing over. Well, Netflix has this Instant-watch feature where they stream the video to your computer or whatnot. I just HAD to […]