Sump Pump, Aquaponics & Aquarium water level monitoring

I seem to like flooding my basement… Usually by overfilling one of my aquariums, or intentionally putting 55 gallons of water in a 45 gallon aquarium. Sometimes, I overfill the swimming pool in the back yard. So I decided to put together a monitoring system. It will monitor my sump pump, letting me know when […]

I have some beans in my aquaponics system! I had planted these when I made a hot…

I have some beans in my aquaponics system! I had planted these when I made a hot compress a while back These where the black beans that I picked up off the floor when I was done. I just tossed them into my aquaponics and hoped they would sprout. They did. I now have […]

3d printer ideas for custom aquaponics fittings

I am seriously excited about getting my 3d printer. It’s been a week since I ordered it, so 1-2 more weeks according to the confirmation email I got. The printer can print in ABS. This can be a stinky plastic to print, but I’ve plans for making a fume hood for the printer that vents […]

Aquaponics Store Idea

I’ve been looking at all the empty storefronts on main street Dundee on my way to work lately. I’ve been imagining having my own store front in one of those. I’d sell Aquaponics stuff. Ready made sets from tiny little things for apartment kitchens to fairly large backyard setups. I’d sell all the various parts, […]

New fish in a new tank in the library are doing surprisingly well

I thought the fish weren't doing so hot, but wasn't I in for a surprise. They laid eggs. Can't be hurting that bad if they are breeding. This tank will be running aquaponics shortly. The library is just off the kitchen, so I will be growing some kitchen herbs such as basil, and cilantro and […]