Making a fume extractor for ABS fumes for my RepRap

I made myself sick on accident from ABS fumes. I had set up a 120CFM computer case fan to blow the fumes out the window through a cardboard tube. I had changed my fan from 12v to 5v trying to stabilize the PSU voltage and shut that noisy fan up! This backfired. As it now […]

Plastic for my 3d printer, and how long it lasts.

The 3d printer kit I ordered can print several types of plastic. The 2 that are currently frequently used are ABS and PLA. PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from corn starch ( ABS is a plastic that is food safe and ok to use in aquariums and such. PLA is also food safe but […]

3d printer ideas for custom aquaponics fittings

I am seriously excited about getting my 3d printer. It’s been a week since I ordered it, so 1-2 more weeks according to the confirmation email I got. The printer can print in ABS. This can be a stinky plastic to print, but I’ve plans for making a fume hood for the printer that vents […]