Making a fume extractor for ABS fumes for my RepRap

I made myself sick on accident from ABS fumes. I had set up a 120CFM computer case fan to blow the fumes out the window through a cardboard tube. I had changed my fan from 12v to 5v trying to stabilize the PSU voltage and shut that noisy fan up!

This backfired. As it now didn't vent enough and allowed ABS fumes to accumulate in the house.

So I made a better extractor that uses multiple fans running at 5v. This works quite well. I may re-make it yet, but time will tell.

In album

I am really hoping that the two pieces on the right are the same size. If I did my math right, the are.

I like how this is turning out! The left 2 are the same size and the right one is 3 inches shorter than the other two.

I was right! The two outside bits are the same size and the middle one is 3 inches shorter.

Fans go in the taller, narrower end and the far side, the short wide end gets jammed into the window.

A few of these ought to move some air.

It pulls air from around the printer to draw the ABS fumes out of the house.

The center bit is simply to keep the box from caving it. It’s made out of 1/16th inch plexi which would want to sag badly.

Gentle pulling of air around the parts.

Dang my work space is messy!

I think the new extractor looks a bit better than the old one did.


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