Winter’s coming

It’s been crazy, since we bought the house. I can’t believe winter’s almost here already!

So much to do, so little time to do it. Especially considering I was sick and knocked on my back for about the last month. That was miserable. I am finally able to do stuff, but I still wear out too quickly.

The ‘big project’ for the last month has been insulating my new attic. When the place was built over 40 years ago, it was insulated, but remodeling, age, and apparently some kids running around have re-arranged and settled the insulation down pretty bad. So I’ve had 76 bags of insulation sitting in the garage for the last month waiting on me to get it into the attic. It’s amazing all the little things that need to be done before you can blow in the insulation!

  1. Build a box around the attic access hatch so the insulation can be full depth and not fall into the room when you access the attic
  2. Close up open electrical boxes because people did a lousy job when they did the electrical
  3. Run a duct from the bathroom fan to somewhere… I don’t know where yet, but I am not allowing it to blow against my rafter anymore
  4. Cover any recessed lighting so the insulation doesn’t contact the light fixture. I am just going to use a largish cardboard box.
  5. Wrap fiberglass insulation around the stove pipe for the furnace so the cellulose bown in insulation doesn’t contact the pipe and start a fire
  6. I am also going to staple string under the roof on the rafters that follows all the electrical runs so if I ever do need to fix something, I don’t have to rut around in my insulation like a pig after truffles.

I have managed to get a few things done around the place. We changed up the wonderful kitchen a bit. There was an island that they used for the kitchen table. They had also had the fridge about as far away from the stove as you can get it. We moved the fridge, moved the island and picked it up a tad taller. There’s more room for a table now. We also have space for a pantry too!
The Kitchen

We finally got Internet at home. Hence, this blog post! A good friend of mine also gave me a ‘new’ computer. It’s 8 years old, but better than what I had. I set it up in the library for now. My dad had made his dad a Cherry Desk way back when he was in high school. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture. Not exactly designed for a computer setup, but it’s big enough that I can manage.
The desk my dad made when he was in high school.

I have a few photos up of the new house.

I’ve the materials to start a few other projects, but not to finish the one’s I’ve already started. But I won’t start more until I’ve finished some important ones like the insulation. The garage is going to be interesting this winter, as there is no heat in it. I just brought home some materials to address that, but I need to make some solar heat panels and duct them in. I’ve the expensive bits for free (otherwise I wouldn’t have considered doing it this way) but the cheap bits I am lacking will be expensive enough.

So much to do! I had best not be sitting here wiggling my fingers instead of working on some of it.

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