Spring time is here – garden time

I mowed for the first time today. The neighbor had mowed once for me already. Nice thick green grass without as many dandelions as last year.

I took stock of my yard and gardens.

The iris bed is doing really well. I set that up as a huglekulture bed and rain garden. I can’t seem to get anything else to grow in the bed though.

My roses that where doing well last fall made the winter.  I am disappointed in my climbing rose. It’s not climbing. None of the roses are getting very big. Maybe this year?

The back yard is full of violets. I just love this! One of the favorite aspects of my back yard.

I’d topped my apple tree before it budded out. I am going to grow the tree in a flat plane. This is called espalier. I’ve got 3 or 4 pairs of branches. This is going to help screen my yard from the neighbors. I may get apple’s in another year or two.

My grape made the winter too. It didn’t grow at all last year. I hope it takes off this year. I am re-working the other plants around that fence and maybe that will help.

I’ve got some garlic that is coming up. I need to figure out when its best to start to harvest some of them.

The bamboo seems to have not made the winter. Bummer.

I am starting a new raised hugleculture bed. Going to try to get a woodland type garden growing in it. Going to be a post on it when its done.

I started a bunch of tomatoes this year. Should be good. Going to put them in different spots.

Lots of ideas…

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