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Yesterday, I bought a house. Today, I am in Rhode Island and the Provodence Plantations on a business trip. Kinda makes it sound like buying a house is a trivial thing for me, doesn’t it?


I made the offer back in February!

The new place is a raised ranch with an english basement in Carpentersville IL. All that is Realtorese for a ranch style house 4 feet up in the air with a basement wedged underneith that you can have bedrooms in. It’s kinda awkward looking on the outside.


Its a three or 4 bedroom (depends on if you consider the tiny dinning room a bedroom because it has a closet and carpeting) with a full bath upstairs and half bath downstairs. The downstairs bath has room to add a shower – it is in the demolition stage of renovation currently. Adding 2 walls would make it a 6 bedroom, with a basement family room still. Another wall would make an awkward shaped 7th bedroom if needed. We looked at the house before we bought it and made shure we could make it work even if we had a good number of kids.


The kitchen is brand new. Granate countertops, new stainless appliances, gas stove. There’s even an upright freezer in the basement! We loved the kitchen, it was the “we love this house” item and out weighed the shortcomings.



The bathroom is new too and done up nice.

The living room is nice and big. The laminate floors goes throughout the upstairs (not the bedrooms). The window is a west window, so the tv has to be in the right spot or glare is going to be a problem.


The entry steps comes up into the kitchen/livingroom intersection. I want to put the big fish tank there. I will need to build a shelf or something in the basement to hide the support columns I would like to add so I don’t warp the floor from all the weight.

The bedrooms are small, and closet space is severly lacking. Two big bedrooms upstairs and one down. The downstairs one will be the guest bedroom. They all need paint and the upstairs ones need carpet.

The yard is small, and two narrow, so the 2 car garage is behind the house and you only have room to get one car to it. So they made it a 1.5 car garage with a covered patio. So cool! This made the small yard feel so much bigger. The garage may never have a car parked in it – it will have my tools and boat. I will finally have room to make things again!image There is a spot for the garden, but its too grown over with trees to be any good for growing anything anymore. So the garden will need to go out into the main backyard area where there is more sun. This is fine by me as I am not a big fan of the waste of resources that grass is.

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  1. Congrats on the house! Can’t wait to see it in person. Let me know if you need any help.

    Though grass may seem like a waste of space, Isabella may want to run around in it some day.

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