A day of rest! NOT!

Well, I think today will be my first day that I am not at a dead run! It looks like it’s going to be cold, wet, and rainy all day. A good day to stay inside.

We are here, happy, and settling in. Katie has busted her butt cleaning up my mess of an apartment, getting unpacked, and basically making this apartment our home.

We went to my parent’s last weekend. I needed to drop of the trailer we borrowed to move Katie’s stuff back here. I also helped dad side the new garage, it’s looking really good. The new place should be ready for the reception by the time it comes up in only 3 weeks now? Scary!

While up there, I also bought a bit of wood and dad and I cut it to make some custom furniture. We had no counter space for the microwave Katie’s parents got us. I made something to fix that. Katie also has 4 really cool, large, wicker baskets. I made a rack that those fit into. These got assembled this week during the week. They turned out freaking awesome!

Went out with some of my college friends on Friday night. Some more friends came and visited yesterday. Our first house-guests. The living room, dining room, and kitchen where immaculate – thanks to Katie’s hard work. The bedroom, busy, full, but clean. The spare room. Yeah… I will need to declare war on that room today… We went out to eat at a Chinese place. The food was good, the service a bit lacking. This place seems to be pretty spotty for consistency, sometimes great, other times merely good. We went to IKEA afterwords. We found a really cool mirror for the dining room. That should get hung today. Also got some candles that smelled like chocolate. Glad we both love candles.

We have a bunch of photos to hang yet. We need to order prints of wedding photos for ourselves. I am going to order them from Snapfish. I have credit for 700 prints yet that I pre-ordered a few years ago. If you have photos from our wedding yet, let me know. I would like to get them from you. We may set up an album today if we get to it. If not, maybe another day.

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