Custom Furniture for the apartment

I made some custom furniture for the apartment. We where a bit lacking in counter-space so there was no place to put the microwave. Katie also has 4 really cool large baskets that we thought would be perfect for holding her Crochet projects, so I made a stand for those as well.

Here is the microwave stand. It’s height is inbetween the stove and the chest freezer to help transition the height difference. The top is a pre-made solid pine top. It cost something like $9. The legs where a single 10 or 12 foot 1×6. I used some used shelving brackets I had laying around I got on clearence years ago and used for something in my dorm room.
The stand will likely be finished in a cherry color to match the existing cabinets.

Here is the revised dining room. A bit different if you have seen it before Katie moved in. CVS gave us the 2 glass faced cabinets. They still need to be painted.
We picked up the mirror at IKEA this weekend. it matches the wroughtwork of the candle holders. I have a clock my sister gave me hanging on the mirror. I like it, I think it looks cool, Katie, not so much, blocks the mirror. She will likely win in the end. If she takes it down, I won’t put it back up.

Here is the basket-stand I made. It was made from three 2x4s ripped in half and cut to different lengths. All of it was pretty much cut to fit. I had a rough idea what I wanted, and we just held the peices to the baskets and cut them off where they looked right.

It is free-standing. It can only be tipped straight back, and then just barely. It hits the ceiling any other direction it wants to tip. I guess that makes it tip-resistant, as it will be backed up against a wall. I used up most of the shelf brackets I had left putting this together.

I think it turned out super-cool. Not sure how it will be finished as of yet. Stained is what I am hearing, I just don’t know what color yet.

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