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I have been talking about putting a computer in the kitchen for YEARS now. Well, tonight, I finally did it. I stuck an old 450mhz AMD K6-2 above the cabinet and a 17″ monitor that Katie was given. It had windows on it, but windows sucks. I had 384mb or whatever it is of RAM in it, so I needed XP to see all the RAM.
Yeah, right. I put an old copy of Debian onto it. Old hardware, Old OS, old browser. It’s basically just for looking up recipies, chatting online while cooking, and as a large digital photoframe via the screen-saver.

I will use a portable wifi adapter I have to give it internet access.

Sitting on top of the fridge, I have an old DIGITAL brand keyboard and a broken mouse plugged into it right now. I tried finding my wireless mouse and adapter, could only find the keyboard so far. They are in a box in the spare bedroom… somewhere…

If I like it, and it gets used enough, and either breaks, or we can’t stand how slow it is, we will be replacing it with something a bit faster.

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  1. When my (or Jordan’s) laptop was still functioning, we put it in our kitchen too. It is a neat thing to have it there to look up recipes and check blogs/chat while cooking in the kitchen. 🙂

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