Moved in

Man are my legs tired and my feet sore. The truck is almost unpacked. I just have the filing cabinet and an old computer to unload.

Katie made dinner tonight. I was going to but she started it when I was in the shower. She used that pan first. I made unsweet tea for her though. Two and a half gallons of it. That should last her the week I hope. Sweet tea for me tomorrow.

My fishes look happy. I got a new juice container so I can start the CO2 injection later this week. I also want to bake some bread. I ended up with the packets instead of the jar as they didn’t have the yeast I wanted.

It’s going to be a while before I get out of these boxes. I am not sure where I want to keep my bike. I am wanting to put my rackmount computer gear in the same closet as the washer and dryer out of convenience. I have to see what the temp and humidity are like.

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