Well, I am here. It took long enough. I started yesterday at 8:30am by getting the truck serviced. why is it that it went in fine and came out with a power window not working?

It was raining from tropical whatever-it-was daryl. I started boxing stuff. Lunch, and then I started getting serious. A long story short, at 10:30 I had most everything outside and finally accepted that it wasn’t all going to fit. A trip to walmart to get one of those trailer hitch luggage racks was an excersize in futility. They had the rack, but not the reciever bar to make it work on my 1.25 inch reciever. Plan B – the biggest tub they have strapped to the roof. It worked. At 3am I was loaded. I pulled into my place at 7.

Now I am unloading.

I best get back to it.

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