Moving Sucks!

I must say, if I knew that moving would be such a terrifying experience, I wouldn’t have even thought about it.

Where to start…

I rented a 16 foot truck and car carrier from Budget. Picked it up, not a problem. With a lot of help from the Peterson’s, I got the truck all loaded. Got my Escape up onto the trailer, and off we went!

Somewhere between Atlanta and Chattanooga, a tire fell off of the trailer. It looks like a lug nut worked itself loose, and the extra strain sheared 2 studs, and off popped the wheel. We didn’t notice when the wheel fell of, only discovered it when we gassed up.

Off the trailer with the Escape. Katie drove that 150 miles untill it was late enough in the morning for businesses to be open. A call into Budget, and they find me a new trailer just south of Nasheville. Off we go.

We get the new trailer, put the Escape back on the trailer. About Kentucky, we find a combination of high winds, bad roads, a semi-truck passing us, and a bit of bad luck. The wind & or the semi gusts us around, this causes the truck and trailer to start to whip back and forth. This gets worse untill I SWEAR we where on two wheels before the truck gets back under control.

I think the cats each used up one of their 9 lives.

No damage done. The Escape stayed put on the trailer. Nobody got hurt. We pulled over, and checked everything over. The inside of my Escape is absolutely TRASHED. The rocks, water, fish-poo, etc. from the fish tank is EVERYWHERE on the inside of my poor truck. The cats where standing splayed-legged like they expected their crates to roll right over.

To make a long story short, we pulled into Elgin at 6 pm tonight. The leasing office closed at 5. They aren’t open tomorrow due to Easter.

I literaly ran the wheels off a trailer to try to get here on time.

I am now sitting in a Day’s Inn with the cats and fish typing this post. I have the room for 2 nights until I can get the keys for my apartment.

I gotta drop Katie off at the airport tomorrow morning about 6am. I best be to bed!

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