23000 miles on the truck.

Well, I rolled over 23000 on my Escape yesterday. And I had my first problem with the new truck, and of course, the one thing that goes wrong isn’t covered!

My new truck wouldn’t start yesterday. I had to call Katie to come give me a jump start so I could get to work. The lights where fairly bright, but there was no power for the starter. I grabbed my multi-meter, and the voltage was 11.5 volts. When I opened the doors, the voltage dropped down to 10.5 with the door lights on.

Last night I got one of them hydrometer battery testers that measures the specific gravity of the battery acid. Sure enough, 1 cell was completely dead.

1 new battery later, I have to turn the truck on, let it warm up, let it idle for a minute, turn on the AC, let it idle some more, and it’s going to drive funny for a while while the transmission re-calibrates itself. Gotta love technology!

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