House Fire

I got a phone call from mom last night. The house is on fire.

Mom and dad are fine.

They got all the pets but one cat out, and he may show up yet. They grabbed some stuff, like mom’s laptop, some of the family photos, etc. Mom didn’t get her track phone charger though, so I haven’t talked to her yet today.

It looks to be an electrical fire at this point. The fire department was fighting the fire in 5 degree weather. At one point, they ran out of water, and called for water trucks from 4 other towns.

A bunch of neighbors showed up, Lenny the family mechanic from a few miles away – he let mom use his cell phone in the towtruck to call Jennifer after mom’s track phone battery died and the phone in the barn quit working.

My sister said that Aunt Laurie stopped by the house this morning, and the top story of the house is gone. Jennifer is going up there today, bringing some hats and gloves and whatnot. I asked her to take some pictures when she gets up there.

If you are family/friends, and want to get a hold of mom or dad or to pass a message along, email me at thefamily (at) (no spaces, change (at) to @) and I can give you a good contact number for them when we get one figured out (like a charger for the track phone). I don’t know what mom has for phone numbers for family, I don’t know if she has her address book or not.

I will keep updating here as I find out more.

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  1. That’s crazy! I’m glad that everyone’s alright. Is the house livable? Where will they stay if it’s not? Give my regards.

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