Lost parents… FOUND

Ok, now I know how parents feel when their kids are gone and don’t call to check in.

I figured that my folks would either stay at Grandma’s house with Auntie Laurie and Therese, or at the Holiday Inn because the sheriff gave them a voucher for the night.

I talked to Jennifer midmorning today, and she had spoken with Laurie, who hadn’t seen my folks today. She called Holiday Inn, and they said that they didn’t check in because they don’t allow dogs. Jen called Mary Wallin, who had driven down to the house last night, and they weren’t there either.

Great, where are my folks?

I gave Lenny, the mechanic a call, he had been out there last night. He said that a Karen or a Kim from Milltown had come and picked them up for the night.

Ok, a lead. I called the Karen I know that mom works with. Nope, not there, they are in Osceola. I called Karen, my great aunt or some such relation who lives in Milltown, nope, not her either. But, she had just heard the news, and had just tried calling the house.

I called Jen, let her know that I couldn’t find the folks. Then Karen from Milltown called, Good news, they have been found, they are at Walmart, looking at cell phone stuff.

So, I know my folks are alive and well. It was cold last night, it got down to 6 below, and it’s currently 1 degree outside. I have yet to talk to them today, but I talked to somebody who talked to somebody who talked to them.

Gotta love small town comunities and global communications. It took me half an hour on my lunch break to find my folks, 1800 miles away.

Jen should be getting there in a few hours.

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