Guest Post from my sister.

Hey all,
Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts this week. My parents and all pets are fine. The house however did not make it. Even though my parents had lived there for 37 years and had many memories lost they are very optimistic and my father already has rough sketches for a new home right over the old one! They have had lots of help and the house was insured so they will be ok. It’s a shock but most all the sentimental things were scooped up on the way out, retrieved by firefighters, or dug out later.

Also, due to the lack of home I have now added yet another cat to the two we already have at the house. However this cat managed to hide UNDER the house the entire time the house was on fire and then walked around for a day with icicles hanging off of him so I think he deserves a comfy new house! If anyone’s questioning the ice… you shoot gobs of water at a house for 12 hours in 4 below weather and see what happens!

So as stated before, they are fine, they have what they need. What I can ask of all of you is to put important papers in lock boxes, put important pictures NEXT to the front door, make sure your smoke detectors work and are in appropriate places, use those little jewelry cases you get your rings in to store your jewels – this is the only way we would have found heirloom rings, and for gods sake, when you smell smoke upstairs don’t DON’T send your spouse up to make sure it really is a fire! Geesh Dad!

The Creuzer’s send their thanks.


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