Radioshack Pro-95 Radio Scanner

I have had a Radioshack Pro-95 handheld radio scanner for years now. In all this time, it has never been properly programmed. I have had some channels in it, but not anything really all that useful. I have ended up using it mostly for a weather radio and CB channel scanner. I do use it enough to justify the scanner antenna I have on my truck.

Last night, we had a trio of tornadoes blow through the area. Luckily, none touched down. When my cell let me know that there was bad weather in the area, I ran out to my truck and grabbed the scanner. I used it to listen to the weather.

Well, tonight, I sat down and made an effort at figuring out how to program this thing. I now have the local Elgin Motorola Trunked municipal, police, and fire radio frequencies in it. The cool thing is that it works!

Reading online, the radio got good reviews, the manual got terrible reviews. So I don’t feel bad about not figuring it out in the past.

Now I am going to have to get a programming cable for it. I don’t think I want to spend anymore time fighting with programming it using the radio itself. I want to use my keyboard!

I have the City’s trunked system in the radio, I also want to put in the local utilities – phone, cable, railroad, but don’t know how to. Gah! It can’t be this hard. Maybe I need to curl up with the manual and read it again. NOT!

If you know of any good Elgin area radio frequencies to listen in on, let me know!

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