Forsyth GA

We made good time last night, making it to Forsyth GA around 8 last night I think. I would need to check the GPS to be sure.
We ate at a Waffle House and got a shower at a Days Inn here.

Well, first thing’s first, starting at this weekend. We arrived at my sisters place around 1:30 in the morning.

Saturday, Dad helped me get some of the stuff I was giving to my sister out of the storage locker. I also grabbed a lot of the boxes of printer paper, and other stuff that I did not want to get wet and put that in the truck.

Sunday, Katie and I loaded the rest of the stuff into the truck and trailer and left Jen’s around dark. We wanted to get through Chicago at night.

We ended up driving completely around it, going though Rockford on 43. The truck decided it wanted to go that way (wrong turn knowing it was wrong when it was taken – goofy truck. Hangs out with Herby and Christine when I am at work I think).

We drove straight through IL and Kentucky. We stopped in Tennessee for a nap, and drove slowly through the state, watching the scenery.

We pulled off the side of the road when we got to GA and decided to watch a movie to kill time so we would go through Atlanta later in the day, and realized after we got to the theatre that we had gone through a time zone.

Today, back to home, and see if the cats are OK.

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