Kittens in the trash

Busy weekend. Since I have hurt my wrist (it’s getting much better, thanks), I have been slacking on my chores, so I worked on catching up on dishes and laundry and trash and whatnot this weekend.

Anyway, to the real story. I woke up this morning with a Kitten in bed with me… again. Sister snuck this one in bed with me this time, so I didn’t wake up. I found one kitten in the middle of the kitchen floor. You would never guess where I found the 3rd one (besides the fact I told you in the subject). That’s right, I found a kitten in the trash!
It had apparently climbed what little is left of my laundry, and into the tipped over trash can that has my dryer-lint in it. I really wish i wasn’t so groggy and had grabbed the camera before I grabbed the kitten. It was all sprawled out, looking happy as a clam.

Oh, if you haven’t guessed, they kittens are now big enough to be exploring now. They can run halfway across the apartment in a single sprint. They are climbing small boxes.

Anyone want a kitten or 3? They are SO adorable right now.

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