Cat and Mouse,,,, er… Kitten

Sister let me sleep most of Monday night. Well, most of the way – until 6am or so. Then, surprise, kitten in bed with me. OK, two can play at this game Sister. I pet sister a bit, and she lays down. Kitten starts to nurse. I get the other two kittens and give them to her. We all slept till the alarm clock went.

^ Video of the kittens in bed. ^

Sister started a new game for lunch time. Hide and Seek. She will hide a kitten in an irresponsibly stupid spot where she can not get the kitten out. I have to find it. I found the kitten behind a tub, in a corner of the closet. There was no way for sister to get it out, and it couldn’t get itself out. I couldn’t actually see the kitten, I had to use the video camera to ‘look’ down the hole. Well sister, that closet is now off limits too.

So, I get home from work. Tend to kittens, turn on AC, lay down on couch around maybe 8, sleep until 5am. I climb into bed for the rest of the night.

I don’t know how parents do it. This up all night tending to little ones is gonna drive me to drinking or something.

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