Kitten Update

Well, I have been up all night kitty sitting.
Everybody got a bath. They all musta smelled so bad from flea stuff that mom wouldn’t get close to them. She will spend some time with them now.

Everybody got a couple of rounds with the bottle. The sick one maybe got a few cc’s, not near enough but the kitten has seemed to perk up. I am going to give that kitten my best go – it just seems to want to survive.

Got some more pics.

Looking down at newborn baby kittens
Here is a closeup of my newboarn baby kittens

Well, one last go at changing of the diapers so to speak, and passed the bottle around. Everyone got a good chug-chug. Sick kitty gave me a good 5 seconds of hard eating. The best effort from that kitten so far.

It’s late. i am tired. Hopefully sister leaves the kittens in the dryer where I put them for the night. I just washed all the kitten bedding, and sister has been scoping the dryer out for weeks. I will leave them in there for the night, and take them out in the morning. It’s a long jump down, don’t need a broken neck when she moves them again.

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