Kitten Update.

Well, I am crossing my fingers is that the other kitten will get a new home this week. I was really hopeful that they both would find homes this weekend, but no such luck.

I got a message from the new caretaker of ‘lil one’ – nobody ever owns a cat, do they?

Hello Mike!

Just wanted you to know that the kitty is doing great. She’s love it here and gets along very well w/Cuddles my other kitten.

Curious though… did the other person come through to p/u the other kitten? My mil is interested if he/she is still available.. she just fell in love w/ours!


So, it looks like the other one will have a home by the end of the week.

It’s bizarre, but the remaining kitten is all cuddly and stuff all of a sudden. I am not sure if it’s because the other kitten is gone and that the remaining one has nobody to rough up, or because I liked the other one so much I was slighting this one.

We took a nap this afternoon, and he was all cuddled up, just a purring away.

He was playing with a toy mouse a bit ago. I have the memory card in the computer or I would take more video of the kitten and Brother rough-housing in the living room right now.

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