1 kitten left.

Kitten on my lap going to it's new home

So, I gave ‘lil one’ away today. He has a new blue eyed Siamese kitten to play with. I wish him best of luck. I dropped him off. Made a shopping trip out of it while I was out. I am happy, only spent $11 on stuff, and that again on food. I love Culvers.

A little girl came by to look at the other kitten tonight. The kitten goes all shy on us! Can you believe it? They shy one was all ha[py and stuff, and the bold one goes shy!
Funny looking kitten
When the girl and her mom left, I had ALL THREE cats on my lap. They saw the ‘lil one’ leave, and they are like, ‘don’t send me away daddy, I will be good, I promise!’

Goofy looking kitten
Everybody seems to LOVE brother. I got an offer to take Brother off my hands. The 2 people that where here tonight thought he was pretty cool too.

I think I did pretty good raising my kittens.

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