Kitten Update

Well, I think I shall start off with a video of the cuteness.

I am not sure why, but the audio is poor on these videos.

Anyway. The kittens are now eating solid food. I started mixing in kitten food with the regular food so Brother doesn’t get all fat eating it. Solid food means solid waste. Little poops scattered throughout my apartment. They also found the water dish to go with the dry food. They LOVE that water fountain! Lots of water late at night means that they wet the bed. The upside to this is that I am now sleeping with fresh sheets every night… They seem to be getting better about using the litter box. I now have 2 little poops and lots of peepees in the little kitten litter box.

Progress is Progress.

Brother went to the vet today. Yep brother is now Unique… er… Eunuch. He can’t say I didn’t warn him… Not that he understands much more English then his name. Poor dude. I feel bad for him, but it is funny at the same time. I guess it can be argued (I got on argument sitting in my lap mewling at me) that he got to sew his wild oats. There are 2 little kittens that are just as much sweathearts as he is – even with his trying to rip my hand off and everything.

Speaking of my hand. It is getting much better. It is about all healed up, just a nasty looking set of marks that likes to change funny colors at times.

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