Kittens in the Kitchen

No, no, I am not cooking the kittens.

Sister decided that she was going to ‘hide’ them in the dining room. Considering it took me the longest to find them this ‘hiding’, I think it’s quite brilliant on her part.

Some other bonuses are – she can feed them while eating, they can chase after me as well as her, and well, I get to see how adorable they are all evening long.

The kittens are getting so big. They are up and walking. They have learned how to pee on their own, and do so regularly all over the place – Mom, I am going to need to borrow the steam cleaner again.

I went to the store and picked up some all natural corn cob kitty litter for the little ones. From what I read, they are just like human babies, and everything goes into the mouth. The clay based clumping litter I used will give them all sorts of grief if they eat it, so it’s corn for the kittens. I also picked up some kitten food for when they start eating solid food.

I started putting down their formula in a tray, but I can’t get them to give it a try before Sister eats it all up first. The dark one has been the most successful, chewing on the tasty plastic side of the lid I am using for a dish.

After a week of full nights of sleep, Sister has brought the kittens into bed with me for the last 2 nights now. I wonder what her obsession is. I am guessing she wants to both sleep in my bed, and watch the kittens too. I really wish she would let me sleep though. I don’t sleep very well when I am worried about rolling over and crushing a kitten.

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  1. aw, you have the “motherly” instinct already of not wanting to roll on a baby (well, kitten for you) :-p

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