Hide and Seek

So, I got home for lunch yesterday, and it was another round of hide and seek. One kitten was missing. The door for the spare bedroom was ajar – I had been leaving it closed, but with a small gap for ventilation. I knew right where the kitten was. Under the table saw.

I go into the room, sure enough, kitten under the table saw. Retrieve kitten, place back with others. Sister immediately tries to relocate the horde to under the table saw.

Kittens get fed lunch by me – they all take the bottle. They drank down nearly half a bottle.
Sister carrying her kitten trying to open the door to the spare bedroom

I get home last night, kittens are moved again. Where are kittens? After the longest search to date, I find them. Under the table next to the front door. I am lucky they didn’t wander out and into the path of the door. I am going to have to open the door real slow now.
Mama and Kitten
Kittens get fed dinner. A quarter bottle between the set. Not so good, only one was really hungry.

Sister let me sleep the night. The kittens must be out of the woods now? Maybe she is just tired of me messing with them and moving them on her.

Checked the kittens this morning, a couple of fleas. Not too many though. So, flea bath tonight.

Brother and Sister

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