I am not sure if you had noticed, but I picked up a cheap digital camcorder.

It is an AIPTEK Action HD. Yes, a HD camcorder for the guy who owns a 5 inch black and white TV. I had misplaced my digital camera SOMEWHERE since the move. It isn’t in the usual lcoations, truck console, next to the computer, on the table, etc. I am sure it’s somewhere, but i just can’t find it. The cell phone takes terrible photos, and with the kittens, well, it was as good of an excuse as I will come up with.

Anyway, about the camera. It can do 1080p at 30 frames per second, the smaller HD format at 30 and 60 FPS, standard DVD size, and a special web sized just for YouTube. It even has ‘made for YouTube’ on the box.

Other features include, 8megapixel digital camrea, although I personally think the 5 megapixel mode looks better. Audio recording. I can record video via line in. Built in LED lights for the camcorder, photo flash with a normal flash. It came with a tripod and remote even.

All in all, it’s pretty cool. About the smallest camcorder I have seen. It is $200 at Walmart.

So, with all this video I have been taking, you would think I would take it using the YouTube sized format. NOOooooo. I Gotta take it at FULL HD. **sighs**

This means 2 things, `1, the video is in widescreen format. 2, videos take FOREVER to upload.

I have been using YouTube for about a year. I am happy with it, for the most part. The one thing I have found, is that it squashes the video to a ‘standard’ sized video. It also limits videos to 10 minutes or shorter. Great for my old camera, not so useful with the new camera.

So, I was in search of alternatives tonight.

I uploaded the same video on the 3 services I found, and am comparing results.


Google Video

YouTube has probably the friendliest interface. Google Video is the most utilitarian interface – the hardest to use and get to your uploaded videos. has the most options, and is really pretty slick.

Looking at the videos, quality from best to poorest in my eyes is, Google Video, YouTube.

None of them are displaying the video in the correct aspect ratio. This could be a problem with the .mov file created by the AIPTEK camera. I don’t really know.

All I am really looking for is the video being the right aspect ratio. YouTube quality is fine by me.

I am looking for free/cheap software that I can use to make the videos smaller before I upload. The video files are .mov format h.264 videos. Windows Media Player won’t chew on them. Converting them to .AIF makes them go from huge file sizes to stupid huge file sizes, so that’s not an option.

What are your thoughts on the different players above?

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